Source Themes

Product recalls, lobbying, and firm value

The paper uses a unique, hand-collected data set of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved products to understand the effect of lobbying on the product market. The authors gather total 86,462 FDA labels including drug patents, drugs, pre-market approvals and medical devices and test the relationship between lobbying and future firms’ product submissions.

Trends in Financial Innovation: Evidence from Fintech Firms

In this study, we investigate financial technology firms and innovation.

Modeling credit risk in credit unions using survival analysis

This paper investigates the factors that affect credit risk using survival analysis by employing two primary models – the AFT model and the Cox proportional hazard (PH) model. While several studies employ the Cox PH model, few use the AFT model. However, this paper concludes that the AFT model has superior predictive qualities.

When and why firms issue sukuk?

The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether investors perceive the issuance of sukuk differently than they do in case of conventional bonds.